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The NHS is experiencing the greatest financial pressure in its history, putting many frontline healthcare services at risk.

Medefer was founded by NHS Specialists to help preserve and enhance the NHS we love and cherish. Our aim is to improve patient healthcare outcomes, and reduce the financial burden on the NHS.

We believe that only through innovation, can the NHS accomplish its exciting but challenging 5-year plan of bringing Specialist care into the community. We are proud to support the NHS in this endeavour.

The King’s Fund has noted that “in order to care for the range of patients now seen in general practice, GPs must have the ability to consult specialists in order to provide advice and expertise to enable a diagnosis to be made and appropriate treatment offered.”

At Medefer, we have developed a ground-breaking, and user-friendly technology, enabling GPs to liaise directly with Consultants, around the UK.

Commissioner Benefits

We help Clinical Commissioning Groups reduce referral rates and costs, whilst improving patient healthcare outcomes at the same time. We do this by providing GPs with a guaranteed response from a Consultant within 48-hours of an electronic referral.

Medefer’s platform has built-in tools for automatic auditing of a wide range of KPIs that will help the CCGs in their commissioning decision making, with significant reduction in administrative time.

We have built into our software the ability to perform Quality Assurance checks on the GP referrals as well as the Consultant responses.

GP Benefits

We have worked hard to ensure that our platform is easy-to-use, and integrated with the main primary care electronic patient record systems. When using Medefer’s platform, there is no need for the GP to write or copy the patient’s medical history again, as this information is automatically transferred across during the referral process.


of referrals dealt within 48 hours


of patients managed in the community

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