Medefer has been set up by NHS Specialist Consultants to enhance and improve the NHS services. We do this through our ground-breaking and innovative technology, but also our national faculty of Specialist Consultants.

Medefer empowers GPs to easily gain Specialist Consultant support in your care. This may mean that on many occasions, your GP can diagnose and treat you without you having to wait several weeks to see a consultant at the hospital. On the other hand, if a hospital is required, the Consultant may advise your GP to carry out some tests whilst you are waiting for your hospital appointment. This way, when you do visit the Consultant, you will receive the most appropriate treatment the first time, without further delays.


The process involves your GP sending information on your medical background to our Specialist Consultants. We have prepared an Information Leaflet that explains what information we receive from your GP, how we use this information, how we keep your information safe, and your rights.

You can ask for a copy of this leaflet from your GP when he or she refers you to our Specialist Consultants.

You can download a copy here: Patient Information Leaflet – Your Rights

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